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Demetree Real Estate Services  has long been one of the leading providers of Florida commercial real estate. We provide a full array of brokerage leasing and sales services for tenants, landlords, buyers and sellers.

As a licensed real estate professional, our broker will conduct a needs analysis then develop and execute a plan for a successful real estate transaction. 

Working with one of our brokers is like working with an extension of your company; we will to help you select a site, negotiate prices, and assist with executing contract terms.

When you contact our team of brokers, the first steps will be:

  • Understanding what your needs are
  • Understanding what you're looking for
  • Discussing what we can offer to you, whether that may be searching for a space for your requirement or redirecting you to another specialist
  • Potentially scheduling an appointment

To contact one of our brokers at Demetree Real Estate Services, please fill out the form on this page.


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