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Why You Should Be Doing Town Halls at Your Multi-Family Property

[fa icon="calendar"] 11.11.2016 / by Michelle Heatherly


Town hall meetings are events where everyone (senior property management and tenants) can gather together to discuss upcoming events, property update/improvements and any issues facing the property in a face to face informal forum creating a setting for candid two-way communication. This gives your tenants a chance to voice their opinions on topics such as security, amenities, property staff, maintenance and programming, while also creating a sense of community.

Here are a few reasons why you should be doing town halls at your multi-family property:

It Gives Your Residents a Voice

Having regular meetings at your multi-family property is a great way to make your residents feel their voices are being heard. Just by giving them an opportunity to gather and speak with one another will make them feel valued and like they have a say in what happens at the place they call home. It also shows them that you, the management, respect their opinions and are working to make your multi-family property a better place to live.

It Helps to Identify Areas for Improvement

During town hall meetings, your residents can discuss maintenance issues, safety concerns, personnel problems and other things that you, as the property manager, would want to be aware of. Your residents are there every day and can provide a different perspective to help you be more effective at managing the property. This is a great opportunity to learn how your residents feel about things they might not think to email you about or submit a request for.

Do you offer a recycling service for your residents? Does the building need a cosmetic update? Is parking too scarce? Do sprinklers run into the streets vs. actually watering your plants? These are all issues that could come up during a town hall meeting that you may not otherwise be aware of.

It Helps Mitigate Problems Proactively

By being proactive, you are finding out about potential issues before they occur or worsen, so you can take action to do something about them before they become a larger issue or more severe. It's a proactive approach vs. reactive. This helps minimize any potential damage caused by waiting or not knowing about a situation then later having it escalate out of control.

It also helps with online reputation management. If you keep your residents happy and give them a safe forum to openly voice their concerns, they're less likely to go give you a negative review on an online rating site (which stays there forever) because you address/fix the situation before it becomes an irreparable issue.

It Keeps Your Tenants In-The-Loop

Your tenants want to be kept in the communication loop for any new developments that happen around the premises. Holding regular town hall meetings at your multi-family property is an easy way to alert your tenants of planned events such as upcoming rent remodeling, property improvements, maintenance inspections, fire extinguisher inspections, onsite resident events or anything else they need to know about while giving them a chance to voice their opinion without having to stop by during office hours, leave a voicemail or send an email.

It Creates a Sense a Community

Holding regular town hall meetings at your multi-family property also creates a sense of community between you, your residents and their neighbors which makes the place feel more like home. When your residents have a chance to gather together and discuss community issues, they feel more connected to one another.

It Increases Resident Retention

Our residents look forward to our town halls. At our property management company, we hold them once a quarter and send monthly resident satisfaction surveys in between to gage resident sentiment on our progress in the various areas addressed during the town halls. Residents who are engaged are less likely to move away. This is good because, as any property manager or owner knows, it is easier and more cost effective to retain residents than to go find then sign new ones.

Holding a Tenant Town Hall Meeting

Holding a town hall meeting for your tenants is great opportunity for you to connect with your tenants and gauge how they feel about living at your property. By getting direct feedback on any proposed developments and keeping everyone in-the-loop, your chances of retaining residents and maintaining high occupancy are much greater.



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Michelle Heatherly

Written by Michelle Heatherly

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