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What Can Buildertrend do for You?

[fa icon="calendar"] 02.28.2017 / by Ginger Pratt


At Demetree Builders, we recently adopted a new software that we are very excited about and wanted to take a few minutes to show our industry friends what it can do for them and how it will shape the future of our work. The software is called Buildertrend and it really does make life easier.

What is Buildertrend?

Buildertrend is a cloud-based construction management system for commercial and residential construction. It combines several different capabilities such as project scheduling, project, customer and service management into one platform that is available on both desktop and mobile.

Buildertrend gives you access to features such as:

  • A built-in CRM system
  • Quick bids
  • Proposals
  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • Time sheets
  • Change order
  • Selection management
  • Warranty requests
  • Payment processing

In addition to the above pre-sales project management and customer management tools, Buildertrend can be easily integrated with Quickbooks and Xero so that your normal processes are not disrupted any more than necessary.

How Can it Help Me?

Buildertrend gives you the ability to manage your business from anywhere using a computer or mobile device. It allows you to communicate with subcontractors during the building process while your clients can check on the progress and see how closely the project is staying on budget. You can also use Buildertrend to send documents, save proposals, track jobs, manage timesheets, send messages and much more. It really is a great tool that allows you to streamline your business operations and stay organized while working on projects with many moving parts.

What are the Advantages?

Buildertrend provides you with your own account manager for training and support whenever you need it. You also get access to webinars, the Buildertrend community and a 24/7 help section for additional training.

Unlike other software we have used, Buildtrend can be used in combination with QuickBooks Online when you need to focus on the financial aspects of your construction projects. It gives you full financial capabilities with some extra features that are related specifically to the construction industry.

The Industry Standard

Buildertrend is quickly becoming the new standard for project management in the construction industry. It will help you streamline all stages of your project from project scheduling to customer management and even financials.

With over a quarter million residential construction professionals in more than 40 countries utilizing this software, Buildertrend is quickly shaping the industry. We recommend that anybody who wants to stay ahead of the curve look into using Buildertrend for their business today.


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Ginger Pratt

Written by Ginger Pratt

Ginger Pratt is the Construction Admin Coordinator at Demetree Real Estate Services. Ginger has been with Demetree Real Estate since 2013 and has several years of experience in the field.