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The Trick to Successfully Reviving Old Commercial Real Estate Leads

[fa icon="calendar"] 03.21.2017 / by Hunter Strickland


Healthy leads are an essential part of any commercial real estate business. Unfortunately, you’ll find that no matter how well you nurture and maintain your contact database, some leads will go cold for no apparent reason.

It may not make sense to devote a ton of time to them, but you should devote some time in case market conditions change and a new opportunity arises. You should make sure to include reviving old commercial real estate leads in your daily business development. Usually, you will have some type of relationship with old leads, giving you a warm lead.

So what can you do to revive these old commercial real estate leads?

Identify Them

If you want to revive your old contacts, you need to identify them first. You can do this by looking at how long it has been since you’ve done business with the lead in question and categorizing them accordingly.

Once you have identified which ones need to be revived, you’ll want to set them aside from your active leads. Create a separate list and reach out to leads that have gone cold separately with targeted email campaigns.

Which brings us to the next step...

Initiate Contact

After you’ve identified your old leads, it’s time to resuscitate them. One fairly easy way you can reconnect with old leads is to use a targeted email campaign. This involves nothing more than writing a few quick emails, scheduling them out and letting your automation system take care of the rest.

The beauty of email campaigns is that you can get as simple or complex as you wish. You can even create custom messages based on the actions a contact performs or what pages they view on your site. It’s an easy way to reconnect and keep a pulse on your old contacts.

Use Social Media to Expand Your Reach

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are very easy to use and provide a casual, non-intrusive way to communicate with prospects. The concept is simple and requires minimal investment. You can increase your visibility by:

  • Responding to questions;
  • Linking to blog posts; and
  • Sharing tips with your followers.

The more active you are on social media, the more likely you are to be at the top of an old contact’s mind when they need one of your services - even if you haven’t worked together in years.

Don’t Spam!

They key to any successful marketing campaign is to make yourself useful and DON’T SPAM YOUR CONTACTS!

Marketing is not about bullying your audience into submission, it is about providing them with the kind of information they need to make an intelligent purchasing decision. A contact is more likely to think of you when they need something if your content is interesting and useful. You want to be seen as a reliable resource, not an annoying person who won’t go away.

Know Which Leads are Worth Your Time

Realistically, you won’t be able to revive all of your old leads. You’ll need to identify which ones are truly “dead” and which ones are just “hibernating.”

Don’t make the mistake of removing leads from your database that might come back in the future and give you more business. Be sure to send these contacts regular updates and keep them in-the-loop with your company.

Be Personable

Don’t be afraid to reach out personally if you have an especially important lead that just isn’t responding to automated emails. Write them an original message that addresses a specific need they might be facing and suggest ways you can help. You may also just want to remind them of your experience and history and direct them toward your service catalog and/or blog. This is sure to get their attention and make them feel like a priority.

Resurrecting the Dead

Reviving old commercial real estate leads is not an impossible task. It just takes a little planning, grooming and a personal touch. By identifying which leads are worth your time, initiating contact and providing useful information, you may be able to drum up some new business from an old customer.


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Hunter Strickland

Written by Hunter Strickland

Hunter Strickland joined Demetree Real Estate Services in 2016, focusing on office and retail property leasing and sales. He works on our central Florida brokerage team along with several other seasoned brokers. Hunter has previous experience in commercial real estate, with a specialty in representing medical office clients.