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Sell Your Commercial Property in 2017

[fa icon="calendar"] 04.04.2017 / by David Lee


We have all had a white elephant in our portfolios at one point or another. By this, I mean an essentially useless commercial property that does nothing for your bottom line; it is difficult or expensive to maintain and you just can’t seem to get your money’s worth out of it.

Well now is the time to sell! There are a lot changes happening to the commercial real estate market in 2017.

So what makes 2017 a good time to sell your commercial property? Let’s look at a few emerging trends:

  • U.S real estate is a safe haven to foreign investors
  • Retail is evolving
  • Your office building is obsolete
  • Your rents are maxed out

2017 Is the Year to Sell!

2017 is the perfect year for making a white elephant disappear from your portfolio. While a property may seem like a burden or a liability to you, selling it to the right buyer who can repurpose it may give it new life and improve the community. In fact, cities all around the country have started to repurpose old buildings and transform communities.

With the U.S. dollar becoming stronger and stronger, rent prices at an all-time high and an evolving commercial real estate market, the time to sell is now!

To learn more about why now is a good time to sell your commercial property, download our free guide today!


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David Lee

Written by David Lee

David Lee is the Director of Leasing & Brokerage at Demetree Real Estate Services. David came to our team with 31 years of commercial real estate brokerage experience in the Central Florida area.