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Retail Spaces That Profit from Student Traffic

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What are students looking for that they can't find on campus or in their dorm?

Studies show that there are anywhere from 20-25 million college students in the US. That many feet need somewhere to go that is quick and fast, but of a quality that they can rely on.

Business can be found on school campuses all over the world, in the form of book stores or cafes. When students are looking for something a little more than a coffee and a croissant, they’re probably going to look for somewhere close by first. Saving and spending must ride a fine line as a college student, or they'll find themselves living on cup noodles and instant coffee.

Providing a place people can go to buy everything they need is most likely where the idea for shopping centers and strip malls came about. Small retail centers can be anchored by large grocery stores or specialty shops specific to a certain area. These kind of mixed use developments are becoming more popular.

In large college cities, like Tallahassee and Orlando, choosing a business that caters to a wide variety of uses is important.

For example, in Tallahassee, there are three college-university campuses and multiple student housing complexes. That equates to about 10,000 pairs of student eyes, all looking for somewhere to go. They may be searching for a spot to throw an end of year bash (or back to school party, but we doubt it), a space to relax and concentrate on their project, somewhere to print their paper, or even somewhere to fix their favorite pair of jeans.

Businesses that would benefit from being so close to a student nexus city include: bars & restaurants, coffee & pastry shops, quick eateries, used book stores, electronics repair stores. There is also huge potential in shops that perform a service, such as: bicycle repair and rentals, photo copy and design services, clothes alteration and repair, computer and software training, and even tutoring.

Providing students a one stop shop, while ensuring they can save a little cash for their gas tank, is the perfect opportunity to thrive- both for students and business.

About 2121 Tennessee, Tallahassee

Tallahassee Retail Center 1-3

Located in the collegiate center of Tallahassee, this prime retail location boasts view-ability and functionality. Providing an anchor for a mixed use development, this retail center has the potential to fulfill much needed dining and shopping opportunities. Restaurant end caps and spacious retail spaces are available for lease now.

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