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Employee Spotlight: Marcos Elguera and Jorge Jimenez

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Pictured from left to right: Chris Rodriguez, Jorge Jimenez, Marcos Elguera and Jamie Jimenez

With Hurricane Irma bearing down on Florida last month, our Douglas Centre team had a huge task ahead of them to ensure they were prepared for the storm. Not only did they secure the building before the storm, but when the team discovered we still had power the morning after Irma, they were there to open the building for our tenants. Employees like these remind us why loyalty is such a valuable asset.

Demetree Real Estate Services is lucky to employ many people who go above and beyond in their loyalty. We recently sat down with two members of the stellar Douglas Centre team, Marcos and Jorge. Marcos is our chief engineer and Jorge is our maintenance technician at the Douglas Centre in Coral Gables, FL. Their excellent customer service both during Hurricane Irma and on a daily basis is one of the many reasons we chose to spotlight this team.

How long have you been working at the Douglas Centre?

Marcos: I’ve been with the building since 2005 and was hired on by Demetree in 2013.
Jorge: I’ve been working at the Douglas Centre since January 2016. Prior to that, I worked in Orlando as a subcontractor on Mary Demetree’s properties.

How long have you known Mary Demetree?

Marcos: I met Mary when I was hired in January 2013, so almost five years now.
Jorge: I’ve known Mary for over five years.

What makes Douglas Centre such a special place to work?

Marcos: I’ve been at the property for many years and have become so comfortable that it feels like my second home.
Jorge: I love my team and being surrounded by people who truly care. We are all customer driven and consider it more than just a job.

The team at Douglas Centre has a great working relationship, tell us more about that dynamic.

Marcos: Everyone is very professional and respects each other. If something needs to be done, we all know what to do because of our experience.
Jorge: We are proactive about looking for problems and we always have open communication, which is key. Plus, we interact with each other quite a bit.

What is your main responsibility on-site and what is your favorite part about your position?

Marcos: I really have two jobs, the first is construction management and the second is maintenance. I maintain all of the equipment in the building, this includes HVAC, plumbing, electrical, lighting and fire equipment. I have also had the opportunity to work with the construction team during the renovation process, which I’ve enjoyed. I like figuring out puzzles and how to fix things on the maintenance side, so fixing equipment is my favorite aspect of maintenance. Throughout the construction process, I’ve loved being able to read the plans and participate in the planning for the project.
Jorge: As the maintenance technician, I take and respond to all tenant requests, which includes issues with lighting, plumbing, doors, bathrooms and communications. People are my favorite part, I have a long history of customer service and I enjoy meeting new people.

What does true service mean to you?

Marcos: All of the tenants deserve great service. Demetree Real Estate Services might be paying me, but I wouldn’t have a job if it weren’t for the tenants, and I respect that. I treat them fairly and they expect the best from me. In turn, I ensure my team delivers on their expectations.
Jorge: When I get a call, I will not leave the site until the job is done and both the tenant and Marcos are satisfied. That satisfaction means that I have provided true service.

When most businesses in the area were still recovering from Irma, Douglas Centre had the opportunity to reopen on the morning following the storm. Why was it important for you to provide that to your tenants?

Marcos: I was able to rely on my wife to take care of our home so I could go to work. After driving through the area and seeing the damage, I knew that coming back to work was a way to move on. I wanted to provide an opportunity for our tenants to move on and leave this storm in the past.
Jorge: Before Hurricane Irma hit, we provided all of the tenants with our personal phone numbers so they could contact us after the storm. We knew they would be concerned and wanted to keep the lines of communication open. After we inspected the property for any damage and determined it to be safe, it only made sense to make it available to our tenants and their families.

Stay tuned for our next Douglas Centre employee spotlight where we speak with our security team who worked hand-in-hand with Marcos and Jorge to secure the building both before and after the storm.

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