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Employee Spotlight: Chris Rodriguez and Jamie Jimenez

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Pictured from left to right: Chris Rodriguez, Jorge Jimenez, Marcos Elguera and Jamie Jimenez

With Hurricane Irma bearing down on Florida last month, our Douglas Centre team had a huge task ahead of them to ensure they were prepared for the storm. Not only did they secure the building before the storm, but when the team discovered we still had power the morning after Irma, they were there to open the building for our tenants. Employees like these remind us why loyalty is such a valuable asset.

Demetree Real Estate Services is lucky to employ many people who go above and beyond in their loyalty. We recently interviewed two members of the stellar Douglas Centre team, Chris and Jamie. Chris is our director of security and Jamie is our security supervisor at the Douglas Centre in Coral Gables, FL. Their excellent customer service both during Hurricane Irma and on a daily basis is one of the many reasons we chose to spotlight this team.

How long have you been working at the Douglas Centre?

Chris: I have been here for five years.
Jamie: I’ve been here since the building was first acquired by Mary Demetree.

How long have you known Mary Demetree?

Chris: I met Mary four years ago after being hired by one of her partners.
Jamie: I officially met Mary four years ago after indirectly working for her for three years.

What makes Douglas Centre such a special place to work?

Chris: The team is great and it is a true family environment. The tenants are also a huge part of it. We have a great group here and I speak to them on a daily basis, which I really enjoy.
Jamie: Our team has high standards and we also have the camaraderie and communication to back that up. Our close relationship makes it easy to provide that level of service.

The team at Douglas Centre has a great working relationship, tell us more about that dynamic.

Chris: We all care for each other as well as the building, and that makes all the difference. We have our own responsibilities and we each take them on as efficiently as possible, always doing things to the best of our abilities.
Jamie: We work jointly in everything and trust one another’s input. Our security team looks out for maintenance and vice versa, so it is easy to maintain a good working relationship.

What is your main responsibility on-site and what is your favorite part about your position?

Chris: My main responsibility is protecting the property, which includes making sure each tenant is safe at all times by assessing anything and everything happening on site. I enjoy every aspect of my job and I look forward to coming to work each morning.
Jamie: I am the first one to arrive on property each morning. Our building opens at 7:00 a.m. and I am onsite between 6:30 - 6:45 a.m. to prepare for the day. I tour each hallway and ensure the safety of the building. This also includes monitoring the daily traffic and any contractors or construction crews entering the property.

What does true service mean to you?

Chris: Commitment to excellence, professionalism and giving 100% every day.
Jamie: Commitment, follow-through and results. It doesn’t matter what you say, if you don’t provide results and aren’t committed, it means nothing.

When most businesses in the area were still recovering from Irma, Douglas Centre had the opportunity to reopen on the morning following the storm. Why was it important for you to provide that to your tenants?

Chris: As a business owner myself, I know how important it is to get businesses up and running; each day lost has a huge impact. It was important to provide a safe place, in good working order, for our tenants to utilize. The AC was also important, there was so much power loss in this area that we wanted our tenants to have an escape from that if needed.
Jamie: Our whole team has a great relationship with the tenants, they trust us. I’ve also owned a couple of businesses and know how important it is to get things running. Our tenants saw that our team was there for them and they appreciated that we were one of the only places open in the area. Keys and access cards didn't work, so I had to be there to let our tenants into their offices. I think it really helped to show what a good crew we have here.

Did you catch our last post spotlighting the Douglas Centre maintenance team, Marcos and Jorge? We are thankful for our entire Douglas Centre team and want to give each of them the recognition they deserve!

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