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Connecting the Campus and Community

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University campuses serve as premier catalysts for mixed use development.

The word community once brought up visions of small towns with Main Streets where everything was "right there in town" and everyone went to the same school.

While there are still towns with this general idea, the consumerism driven world has expanded both on our ideas of "everything in one place" and "traditional schooling".  These new ideas are changing the definition of communities.

Within collegiate settings, many universities attempt to provide everything a student could want- bookstore, cafeteria, dorms, etc.  This should leave little room for students to need to leave campus.  Their focus is on assisting students with their studies, not so much their wallet.  University campuses can strive to provide for a student's every need, but maybe they don't have to.

Campus life has a way of creating community ties to businesses off campus, where students can live, work, and play.  Students seek out cheaper housing that's still within walking distance, or look for a place to hang out.

Off campus communities include everyone in the area - not just the university faculty, staff and students.  A mixed use development must meet the needs of the campus and the surrounding community, finding compatibility between people and their environment.  With the rising price of gas, people are looking for ways to find what they need within walking distance.  

Retailers and developers now see the benefit of creating these mixed use communities.  One such development has just opened near Florida State University (FSU) in Tallahassee, FL.  Demetree Global was able to see that, although there was off-campus student housing, there was a shortage of restaurants and retail nearby.

The University of Central Florida (UCF) has the largest student enrollment in the US. Demetree's development project near the entrance to UCF is a prime example of a thriving off campus mixed use community.   With that many students, the community needs to provide options to live, work and play. 

Sometimes, in our digitally, hyper-connected world, it's better to find a place to connect in person.   It could be as simple as taking a walk in the sunshine down the sidewalk to your favorite bistro or bar; or just a stroll down the sidewalk filled with beautiful landscape and artwork. Imagine how much more exciting that walk could be with new events every week and rotating experiences all year round. 

Mixed use communities can be found in many forms and various markets. However, being able to provide and build beside students growing to be industrialists, artists, business and tech moguls can create the most powerful of community bonds. 


Demetree Retail Near College Campuses

About 2121 Tennessee, Tallahassee - USF Campus

Tallahassee Retail Center 1Located in the collegiate center of Tallahassee, this prime retail location boasts view-ability and functionality from three Florida Colleges. Providing an anchor for a mixed use development, this retail center has the potential to fulfill much needed dining and shopping opportunities. Restaurant end caps and spacious retail spaces are available for lease now.                                                                                                                            For more information and to see available units, visit


About Collegiate Village Retail Redevelopment, Orlando - UCF Campus

Paseo East Courtyard and Retail RenderinOffering a dynamic tenant mix and exposure opportunity, the redevelopment of Collegiate Village is located by the main entrance of UCF.  Existing student housing as well as the additional 1,400 beds proposed to be added by this redevelopment, ensure students will have a place to go fast.                                                         Restaurant and retail spaces are available for pre-lease now, short term leases are available until construction starts.

For more information, visit

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