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6 Reasons to Choose Hardie Board Over Vinyl Siding

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When it comes to selecting an exterior siding for your building, it can be tempting to go with something familiar, like vinyl siding. However, there is another option you should consider that is more durable in the long term. It’s called hardie board and you may have already heard of it.

Here are six reasons to choose hardie board over vinyl siding:

1. It Lasts Longer

Vinyl siding expands and contracts depending on the temperature. Over time, the material will start to warp, causing the panels to shift out of place. It is also more likely to become damaged by careless yard workers or storm debris when it becomes brittle.

hardie board, essentially being a thin sheet of cement board siding is more durable. It can be found on twice as many homes as any other siding material. It won’t warp in the heat and it won’t become brittle in the cold. Although it is not indestructible, it will last much longer and hold up to the elements better than vinyl siding can.

2. It Looks Better

hardie board can be made to mimic a variety of different siding materials such as wood lap board, cedar shingles and wood shake siding. While vinyl siding can be painted to look like wood, it is much too thin to allow for the deep textures found on hardie board, or, for that matter, natural wood.

3. It’s Weather Resistant

hardie board is highly resistant to cracks, splits and deterioration that can occur over time. It can even stand up to salt spray which is important for oceanfront homes. Vinyl siding is much more likely to become damaged by storm debris or extreme temperatures.

4. It’s Fire Resistant

hardie board is made up mostly of sand or cement-like materials and only 10-15 percent wood fibers. This means it is highly flame retardant and will not burn easily.

Although vinyl siding can be treated with a flame-resistant coating, this will only mitigate the spread of a fire. The material will still melt or warp easily in a fire or even if a nearby structure catches fire.

5. It’s Resistant to Bugs and Termites

Since hardie board has a very low wood content, it is resistant to termites and other wood-eating pests such as carpenter bees and woodpeckers. This means the siding will last longer and keep the interior of the building free of termites.

6. It Comes with a Warranty

As a testament to the durability of hardie board, the product will usually come with a 30-50 year warranty. If you buy the pre-painted hardie board planks, the paint will also be backed with a 10 or 15 year warranty.

The Best Long-Term Choice

When compared to vinyl siding, hardie board is often the best long-term choice. It is highly durable, non-combustible and won’t shrink or rot over time. It also has the look and feel of authentic woodgrain, making it the clear winner.


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Wallace Dostal

Written by Wallace Dostal

Wallace Dostal is the construction manager at Demetree Real Estate Services. He has 30 years of experience in the construction industry.