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5 Tips For A Successful Office Move

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Your current lease is expiring soon and you are planning to move your office to a better location. Office relocation happens for many reasons, such as company growth and expansion, lease expiration, better facilities, targeting a specific location, clientele or cost reduction.

The moving process can be overwhelming, but the following tips can help your office move be a successful one.

1. Plan Ahead

Create an office relocation plan ahead of time. Planning in advance gives you ample time so you won’t be making rushed decisions, by carefully considering your move. You can compare the advantages and disadvantages of different commercial offices and locations and pick the best one that suits your business needs. Your plan should also include the following: a set of goals  (how the business will continue to operate while in the process of relocating), finances, leasing options, detailed timeline, employees and persons responsible for the relocation, contact details of key persons, etc.  Your plan should include the details of the official announcement of your office relocation to employees and clients.

2. Introduce the New Workplace

Remember that your employees are one of the most important aspects of your business. Find some time to introduce the new office space and environment to your employees. You can invite your employees after work or during lunch to have a quick tour of the new place. It will make the employees feel excited about moving.

3. Office Equipment and Furniture

Learn about the area and the size of the new office space, and create a floor plan that shows where all of your current office furniture and equipment will be located. Keep in mind that moving office furniture is not a task for your employees, so seek out professional movers to help you get things moved and placed where they belong. It’s always helpful to instruct your employees to empty their drawers/cabinets and pack their own things, including their personal items. Your movers will appreciate it.  If you are planning on buying new furniture and equipment for the new office, consider donating your old furniture or selling it at a discounted price.

4. Technology and Service Providers

Make sure to save and backup all your data prior to moving into a new location, and as much as possible, a copy of your backup should be stored off site.  Schedule the transfer of your important IT equipment on weekends, non-working days or perhaps after office hours. The network infrastructure/system should be installed properly at the new commercial office to avoid disruptions on the first business day after the move.

5. Find the Best Moving Company

Hiring a quality mover is necessary. Do a meticulous research in finding a good quality mover including deposits, rates, contracts and packaging costs. You should be careful of extra fees, too. Contact and book a moving company a few months before your office relocation. There are many moving companies in your area so make sure to choose wisely.

Moving to a new office has many advantages for the business and employees. It is a great chance to improve work practices. Relocating is also a great opportunity to have a fresh start.

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