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5 Core Values of Demetree Real Estate

[fa icon="calendar"] 06.02.2016 / by Rory Williams


Core values are an important piece of your company culture that your entire staff should know and identify with. When individuals in a company or organization have common goals or a shared vision, it helps everyone stay on the same page and make sound decisions. When faced with a tough situation, having a set of core values can help guide individuals toward the right decisions. While your company’s mission statement will point your team in the right direction, your core values should instruct them on how to get there.

Our Core Values

The ideals that drive Demetree Real Estate forward can be separated into 5 different core values that guide our decision making:

  1. Commitment to Excellence - Commitment in all we do for our internal and external customers. First rate and superior service. Ownership of the outcome.

  2. Integrity - High standards of honesty and strong moral principles. Doing the right thing all the time with no exemption.

  3. Inspire – To motivate, influence, energize and stimulate the work environment.

  4. Innovators - progressive, enlightening forward-thinkers who engaging in new ideas for better solutions and streamlining processes.

  5. Fearless – Able to take on challenges, difficult situations, demanding customers and tight deadlines without being reckless. Always engaging in critical thinking.

A lot of companies create core values for the sake of creating them, but they don’t always live up to their own standards. Here at Demetree Real Estate Services, we truly use these values to drive every aspect of our business. We believe that our core values are the inspiration that keeps our team united and working toward a common goal. When core values are not taken seriously, it really weakens their importance and can lead to conflict and disconnect within the organization.

Why Are Core Values Important?

Core values do more than set a standard for work quality. They play a vital role in how your organization operates and is perceived. Your core values can influence your organization in three fundamental ways:

  • Values influence hiring decisions – Employers should value an employee’s character over their talent. People can be taught and coached to do a better job, but personality is something that can’t be changed. Hiring somebody who will work well with your team and holds the same values should be a top priority.

  • Values can help change behavior – Rather than scolding employees for breaking the rules, it can be more effective to remind them that they are not in line with the core values. For example, if “being professional” is a core value and one of your employees consistently shows up to work late, you can gently remind them that their behavior is “unprofessional” rather than scolding them for being late and risking defensive behavior.

  • Values shape your company culture – Hiring based on values, rather than talent, will help shape the culture of your company without managerial input. For example, if you hire employees who are dishonest and like to cut corners, your company will become the same. Likewise, if your company values innovation, hiring smart, curious employees will bring innovation to the forefront.

Practice What You Preach

Our core values are fully integrated into every one of our employee-related processes. This is what strengthens our culture. After an employee arrives at Demetree Real Estate, they are reminded that our core values are more than just words, they are the driving force behind every decision we make. Even decisions regarding promotions and raises are influenced by whether or not that employee embodies our values. This is what strengthens our culture and allows Demetree Real Estate to constantly improve and reach new heights.


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Rory Williams

Written by Rory Williams

Rory is the managing partner of Demetree Real Estate Services, a diversified real estate organization focused on investment, development and real estate services. He has experience running the operations of a private real estate portfolio with 5MM square feet and operations in 8 states.