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4 Ways to Re-Target Your Stagnant Commercial Listings

[fa icon="calendar"] 02.23.2017 / by Hunter Strickland


Have you ever looked at a product online and then noticed that you were seeing ads for that same product all over the internet? This is called “retargeting.” Retargeting allows you to “tag” each visitor to your site and “follow” them everywhere they go online. The idea is that if someone has already visited your site once, they are more likely to convert into a lead on a future visit.

Real estate professionals have been using retargeting for years now to market their stagnant listings. Here are four methods you can use to re-target your stagnant commercial listings:

Display Ads

Display ads - such as banner ads - can gain a large amount of visibility for your property and/or real estate agency. While display ads generally do not result in many direct clicks, they are very good at generating brand awareness and driving more customers to your website over an extended period. If you are working with display ads, make sure to include your company name and logo to create maximum awareness.

Create Content Offers

As a real estate professional, it is important to showcase your expertise and differentiate yourself from other professionals who operate in the same local market as you. Creating mini-reports, updating weekly listings or publishing thought leadership posts on your blog is a great way to attract visitors to your website and get new leads for your retargeted ads.

Create Landing Pages

The concept behind retargeting is to bring visitors who have already visited your site back to it and convert them into leads. Landing pages are great for this. Create a specific landing page for each property you are trying to lease and include a form where visitors can enter some basic information such as their name, email address and industry. While not all visitors will enter their information, many more will do so if they are visiting the page because of retargeting.


There are two main ways you can use retargeting through facebook. One way is to create a facebook page for your business and get people to “like” your page for further engagement with your brand. Another way is to use sponsored ads to increase brand awareness and reach users on both desktop and mobile.

Don’t Abuse It!

Retargeting is a highly effective way to increase exposure for your stagnant commercial property listings. Don’t overdo it, though. Targeting anyone over 90 days can get flat out annoying. The more you test and the smarter your segmentation is, the better your results will be.


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Hunter Strickland

Written by Hunter Strickland

Hunter Strickland joined Demetree Real Estate Services in 2016, focusing on office and retail property leasing and sales. He works on our central Florida brokerage team along with several other seasoned brokers. Hunter has previous experience in commercial real estate, with a specialty in representing medical office clients.