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4 Tips for Renting Your First Office Space

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Renting your first office space is exciting and thrilling. However, renting an office space is one of the biggest expenses that your business may incur. You need due diligence in choosing your office space, otherwise it could drain your bank account. You also have to ensure that your office space meets your current and future needs in order to grow as a company.

Here are 4 essential things to consider in finding an office space for lease for your business.

1. Choose an Accessible and Central Location

Location is probably the most significant factor in leasing your first office space.  Choose an office space near downtown that is easily accessible and convenient for your team members and clients. Choose a centralized office location near restaurants, recreation areas, pharmacy’s, clinics and hospitals. Make sure that your location is close enough to major highways and public transportation like – bus, taxi and train stations. The closer the amenities, the more convenient it is for your employees to carry out their errands during their breaks or after office hours.  You also have to keep your clients in mind when choosing a location and make sure it is easy for them to find your office.

2. Pick a Spacious Office

Walk around and take note of the number of rooms in the office building, the size of the rooms, the entrances, lobbies, etc. A proper working environment is only established if your office space is sufficiently sized to handle employees’ needs. A congested space degrades your office's quality and makes it difficult for your business to flourish.

3. Have a Sustainable Budget

Renting a commercial real estate space will be costly, so you need to keep a strict and firm budget in mind. This is your first office space so, don’t break your bank account. Make sure you know what you can afford and don't forget to take into account unexpected expenses.

4. Hire a Commercial Real Estate Broker

Searching for an office space as a startup can be confusing, overwhelming and exhausting. Find a commercial real estate broker or agent who knows the properties in the area and ask them for help. They have more experience and knowledge and it will make the whole process much easier.

Your financial capability to rent an office space is a significant sign of your business growth, so follow these four steps and you’ll never go wrong.

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Demetree Real Estate Services has been specializing in providing property management, leasing, development, consulting and construction management services to property owners throughout Florida. We provide the broadest array of commercial real estate services in the market. Our seasoned team is connected and well informed with specialized expertise in delivering service for office, retail, industrial, multi-family, self storage and mobile home park properties.