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4 Qualities to Look For in a Construction Project Manager

[fa icon="calendar"] 04.27.2017 / by Wallace Dostal


The success of any construction project will hinge on the talent of your project manager. But don’t think this means only the most experienced candidates are qualified. Even inexperienced project managers can be extremely valuable to a project—IF they possess the right qualities.

Here are four qualities to look for in a construction project manager:

1. Vision

A good project manager will need to have a clear understanding of what the final product should be and how it will function. Without this kind of vision, a project manager cannot properly direct their crew and the project will not be a complete success.

It is important for the entire crew to be motivated and working toward a shared goal. If the project manager does not have a clear vision for the final product, they cannot properly motivate their crew and the project is destined to flounder.

2. Excellent Communication Skills

Obviously, communication skills should be a top priority when looking for a construction project manager. When managing an entire crew of people, the project manager needs to be able to instruct all team members, give feedback and provide constructive criticism to improve performance. The project manager will also need to listen to their workers’ concerns and help them find solutions to problems they face during the course of the project.

3. Ability to Connect With People

Of course, a good project manager will need to have the desire to work with people who possess a variety of perspectives, personalities and backgrounds. Not only does a great project manager need to have excellent communication skills, they need to be able to make strong personal connections with their teammates to ease the rigors of construction work.

4. Positive Outlook

People on the ground floor look to the project manager for inspiration. It’s important that the head of any construction project be able to lift the spirits of the people around them and maintain a positive attitude throughout any delays or setbacks that might occur.

When interviewing different candidates for your construction project, try to get a gauge on how enthusiastic they are about their work. If the project manager is not excited about what they are doing, the rest of the crew won’t be inspired, either.

Finding the Ideal Construction Project Manager

A good construction project manager will have all these skills and possibly more. When interviewing candidates for the job, make sure they have a vision, communication skills and, of course, enthusiasm for the job. Without all of these qualities, you may find your construction project going off the rails.


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Wallace Dostal

Written by Wallace Dostal

Wallace Dostal is the construction manager at Demetree Real Estate Services. He has 30 years of experience in the construction industry.