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11 Things to Look for When Leasing Commercial Property in Florida

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Leasing a commercial space is a big undertaking that will have an impact on your business. Before meeting with a landlord, business owners should take some time to understand the nature and structure of a commercial lease. Entering into a commercial lease is much different than a residential lease and the stakes are generally much higher. By understanding and negotiating favorable lease terms, you could very likely be placing your business in a position to succeed.

Another World

Commercial real estate is a whole other world from residential. It is absolutely crucial that you understand the differences before entering into negotiations. Here are a few of the main distinctions between commercial and residential leases:

  • Fewer protection laws
  • No standard forms
  • They are more binding
  • More flexibility in negotiation

Protect Your Business

There really is no standard lease or template when it comes to commercial properties and government regulations to protect the tenant are few and far between. As a business owner, it is important that you protect your business by understanding exactly what the terms of your lease are. Otherwise, you could be stuck paying exorbitant rental prices or tons of hidden fees.

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